Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Favorite Thing #2 - Chi Flat Iron

I guess its true if you have straight hair you want it to be curly and if you have curly hair you want it to be straight. I have curly hair and ALMOST NEVER wear it curly. I spend my days blow drying and flat ironing and in this process I could NOT live without my CHI flat iron!! I have been straightening my hair for years and years and have used all kinds of different products and tools. The CHI is by far the best. With the other flat irons I was using I would have to replace them every year and they would just damage my hair. Not the CHI. I bought one in 2004 and knock on wood haven't had to replace it. Also, the CHI is ceramic so it's not nearly as damaging. They are a little pricey at around $100 but well worth it. But you never know what you can find it for on Amazon. :)

Another favorite thing of mine that goes with Favorite Thing #2 is a carrying case from Vera Bradley. This is great for when you travel with it because it has a fire-retardant lining which allows you to put the flat iron in when its hot and nothing gets damaged. And since its Vera Bradley there are so many cute patterns to pick from. This is a great gift idea for any woman that has a curling or flat iron. :)

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