Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On an Organization Kick...Pantry Clean Out!

I have been on a MAJOR cleaning, reorganizing and purging kick.  You saw what I did with my home office last week, well this week I tackled our pantry.  I'm very lucky to have a walk in pantry with more than enough space for everything but it was so cluttered and disorganized.  It's too narrow to get pictures of all sides so I'll do my best to describe my thought process and provide links to the items I used.

First up when you are looking at the pantry dead on (as seen in the picture), I keep all the snacks (and then a small portion is breads - bagels, loaf of bread, buns).  Before everything was all over the different size bags and it was hard to see everything. To create so order (starting from the top shelves), I got these awesome OXO Pop Containers to put things like pita chips, goldfish and pretzels in....not only can I see what we have but it also keeps it fresher longer.  I also use these smaller ones too.  For the items that have "pieces" or multiples like microwavable popcorn, different kinds of nuts, fruit snacks and others I got these Room Essentials containers in various sizes like this one and this one.  And then lastly, on the bottom for the snacks I buy in bulk at Costco I got these baskets to store Pirate Booty and Veggie Sticks.  

The left had side of the pantry has a variety of different items but all grouped together by category like oils, condiments, pastas, rice, etc.  The very top shelf has all the cereal and again I put it in these OXO containers to keep it fresh but also see how much we have.  The bottom shelf has easy access for zip-loc bags, foil, plastic wrap, etc.

And on the right side its mainly beverages and baking needs.  I buy my K-cups in bulk via Amazon subscribe and save or Costco so this bin helps store the overflow.  I use the same organizational process to keep things together buy, top shelf is coffee, tea, hot chocolate; next shelf is baking needs with sugar, flour, etc; and so on.

Simple (and not very expensive) changes made a huge difference in cleaning up the pantry and will hopefully help avoid over buying and eliminate a lot of waste!  How do you keep your pantry organized?

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Trunk Club Review and Box Reveal #1

After many failed attempts at Stitch Fix, I decided to give a new "shopping box" a try.  Decided to go with Trunk Club because its a Nordstrom company and I LOVE me some Nordstrom.  There were so many pros to using Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix that I had to bullet them out.
  • Before anything was even sent to me, I got to have a conversation with my stylist on the phone to really explain to her what I was looking for.  I like that I was paired with someone that I could talk to vs. having to fill out a questionnaire and hope that they match my style. 
  • You have the opportunity to review the box ahead of time and take things out if you don't like them.  Don't worry they will be replaced with new ones but I love the option to do a first edit.   
  • They send you more than five items to pick from...I love a bigger selection.  
  • I found the items to be of higher quality and brands I know, trust and love like Vince Camuto, Chelsea28 and Pleione. 
  • If you keep your Nordstrom card on file to pay for the pieces you keep then they waive the styling fee...huge plus (and of course you earn points towards reward dollars).   
  • You can use your alteration credit from your Nordstrom card and take it in to any Nordstrom to get adjusted! 
From a downside, there's only one con that I've found so far and that is the price point on some items is a little higher than Stitch Fix.

Now let's get into what was in the box.  Getting the box when I did was poor time since I just finished some major shopping so it was tough to make decisions.

First up is a Pleat Back Blouse by NYDJ.  I actually really like this blouse.  The fit is great, I can wear it to work or on the weekend, it's like nothing I have in my wardrobe and a great price point ($88).  I passed on this because I ended up keeping three blouses from the anniversary sale.  If you need a great blouse though,  I definitely recommend this one.  It comes in all kinds of solid colors and prints.

One of the things I asked my stylist for was a new black flat.  These Jutti Toms are the first of two options she sent.  These are SO comfortable...seriously like walking on clouds.  The fit was great (true to size, wearing 6.5).  There was just one issue for me...I'm not a fan of the shape of the toe area and the overlapping look near the toe cleavage.  I really, really wanted to like them because they are so comfortable but they just weren't for me.

This Pleione stripe poplin drop waist dress was the piece I was most excited about.  It's so my style and not like anything I have in my closet.  Unfortunately as you can see from the picture it was WAY too big.  I'm wearing the XS and I'm just swimming in it.  If you are going to try it then I definitely recommend sizing way down.  The price point is great ($69) and the quality is there...if only it fit better.

I like these Rag and Bone Simone slim pants.  If I didn't already have a couple of pair like this in my closet then I definitely would keep them if the price point was lower.  They are $295 and I just can't justify or handbags yes but not black pants.  They are very flattering and comfortable.

I wasn't expecting any jewelry in the box but appreciate that she threw something in.  These Kendra Scott earrings are very cute and would go with a lot of things but if I'm going to change out my diamond studs then I want something a little more fun.  JFYI, these come in all sorts of colors.

Well she knows I love me some Vince Camuto and this dress is great.  I LOVE the color!  The fit was great and the chiffon layer added an element of fun to it.  The price point wasn't bad at $148 but I didn't hold on to it because I just don't have anything to wear it to right now.

Two for one in this pictures.  She caught on to my love of Kut from the Kloth Jeans but these were a disappointing miss for me.  I really wanted to like these because I'm on the hunt for a new pair of basic, dark wash skinny jeans.  For me the ankle wasn't skinny enough and I wasn't a huge fan of the "dirty."

I love a good plaid shirt in the fall and I had high hopes for this Treasure and Bond one but there were two things that made me not keep it - it's was just a little too long and big (I'm wearing an XS)...I could have gotten over it if the pattern had a little more color too it.  It's a nice blue and white but I wanted a little more.  Price point is good ($69).

This Chelsea28 dress was the other item I was really excited about.  I LOVED it except that it was too small...I couldn't get it zipped over my rib cage.  I definitely would need a small.  If you need a simple, basic black dress then I definitely recommend this one...just make sure you size up.  This is perfect for any event and can be great for work as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by these Michael Kors ballet flats.  At first I didn't think I was going to like them because of the bow on the top but after wearing them around the house my mind changed.  They are very comfortable and actually the bow detail grew on me.  I like the two toned patent and basic leather.  And you can't be the $79 price tag.  Yay for a keeper!!

The check out process was easy...give the same type of feedback as I did with Stitch Fix and then you can pick a date for UPS to come and pick up the package.  Super easy.  You can schedule a delivery every month, every two months or every three months.

For the next box I'm going to request a mule loafer like this one, some fun earrings to spruce up black tops and a little more the fall/winter months I tend to go for blacks, whites and grays so I'm hoping she can help me add some color to my wardrobe.

Interested in trying Trunk Club??  Check it out here.  I've only done it once so I'm not at a "highly recommend" yet but so far so good...and I'd say it's worth a try.  Stay tuned for next month's review!

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Five Friday Favorites

This week was hard to narrow down my favorites because there's so many things I'm loving right now but here it goes...

#1 - Stella and Dot Taj Clutch 

This fabulous Stella and Dot Taj clutch was a birthday gift from my minis.  It was on backorder for the LONGEST time and finally came in last week.  It's the perfect the bright colors, it's big enough to fit all my stuff and goes with almost any outfit as you can see above.  And it's under $100.  I highly recommend this bag for your collection.  It will get so much use...definitely a must have piece.

#2 and #3 - Jamberry Nail Wraps and Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover 
My nails were in DESPERATE need of a manicure.  I didn't have time to get to the nail salon between work, my kids, travel and keep up with the blog so thank goodness for Jamberry nail wraps.  I was able to do my nails one night after the kids went to bed and they looked like I just got back from the salon.  And with that comes Friday Favorite #3, Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover...this stuff works like a charm to prep my nail and melt away my old cuticle.  Nothing beats having someone trim them (in my opinion) but this is the next best thing.

#4 - Old Navy Cardigan 
Thank you Old Navy for ending my hunt for the perfect orange cardigan.  I had been looking for over a year because the J.Crew cardigan I had to go with this GAP dress got holes in it.  It needed to be soft, light weight and comfortable and this Old Navy Open Front cardigan fit the bill.  It's PERFECT and the price was even better at under $30 with additional savings.  The color is technically deep rose but it's definitely on the orange side.  I highly recommend this for fall/winter.  It comes in a wide variety of colors.    

#5 - Neutrogena Make Up Wipes

I love a good drugstore (or in my case Amazon/Target) beauty find and these Neutrogena Make Up Wipes are top of my list.  I use them everyday (sometimes twice a day).  It's the perfect product to take the grime off your face before giving it a good wash.  I also use them for my eye make up remover.  They are the best!  And the best deal on them is definitely through Amazon Subscribe and Save or Costco.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

HOME TOUR - Reorganizing My Home Office

I don't have a very big office at home...our dedicated home office goes to my husband because he works from home when he isn't traveling.  Since I go to an office almost every day I got stuck with a small little nook off our kitchen.  Don't get me wrong it does the job but I would LOVE a bigger place if only for the purpose of decorating.  Maybe if this blog thing gets big enough I'll get to kick him out.  :)  Anyway, because this space is right off the kitchen it tends to get cluttered because it can be a dumping ground for things.  Well enough was enough and this weekend I cleaned it out and did a little reorganizing thanks to Target.  And no this isn't an ad or sponsored post...they don't care about my little ol' blog...this was just me and my love for Target.  I totally forgot to take before pictures but trust me, there was a lot of STUFF cluttering the space.  Let me take you on a tour...

 Here's an overview of the space...I told you it's not very big.  All of the stuff on the walls was there already.  It was the desktop area itself that needed some help.  I'll go into each space in more detail below.  The chair and hanging frame were HomeGoods purchases and the knobs on the cabinets were changed out by me to give it a little more of my style.  They are from Pottery Barn...check them out here.

Ok, let's explore each small nook of this mini office.  First up is my calendar from Pottery Barn Teen...yes I know I'm 35...but have no shame in buying from somewhere that targets folks twenty years younger than me.  This is where I try and keep track of our life...mainly when am I traveling and when is my husband traveling.  It's a wipe board so I can color coordinate it to make it fun.  I had used the cork board to the right for pinning random papers, coupons but it just got WAY to cluttered so I'm keeping it to just pictures of my minis.  More on where the cluttered papers went down below.
On the other wall I have this organizer from Pottery Barn.  The top shelf is simply for decoration but the bottom holder has all my dry erase markers, highlighters and colored pens.  I don't think they offer these in the organization system any more but there are a lot of other great options.

Here's part one of where the clutter went.  I picked up a desk organizer from Target's Threshold line to store stamps, address labels, post-it notes and a few other items like lotion, paper clips, etc.  Then I got this adorable pen holder from Target...perfect place to keep them handy so they aren't all over the place.

Lastly in the right corner of the desk I have this hammered letter sorter where I'm putting a majority of the clutter...notepads, coupons, mail to be taken care of, Jamberry catalog, etc.  Perfect size and holds everything I have.  To make the area look a little more cozy I included this Kate Spade frame (10 years old) and one of my favorite candles from Simpatico.

I've included all the items from this redo that are currently available below.  Happy shopping...and happy organizing!!!
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

FALL LOOKS - Utility/Field Jackets

One of my favorite (and item I was on the hunt for the longest) from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is this Madewell Catskills jacket.  In my opinion it's the perfect fall jacket...will go with anything...looks super cute by itself or paired with a scarf.  I can't wait to style.  I heard from a lot of you asking for similar options.  You asked, I delivered.  Here are some of my picks -

All of these options come in various shades of army green.  My favorites of this grouping (and the ones I think come close to the Madewell jacket are the LOFT jacket (top center) and GAP option (bottom center).  
The LOFT jacket has a nice bright army green color and fitted look...soft twill and the opportunity to adjust the sleeves.  I wouldn't pay full price for this as LOFT is ALWAYS having sales!    
GAP has always had a great selection of jackets and the quality is usually very good too.  This jacket isn't are bright as the other but still an army green color.  Has the utility/field look which I love and the collar is very similar to the Madewell one.  It's currently on sale and you can probably get an even deeper discount with the various check out codes GAP throws around.   
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Friday, August 4, 2017

Five Friday Favorites

I'm going to start a new feature on the blog called Five Friday Favorites...sharing five things I'm loving...could be clothes, beauty products...really whatever tickles my fancy.

#1 and #2 - Target Finds 

I LOVE a good Target find so #1 and #2 of this week's Five Friday Favorites are from there.  I have a hard time finding jeans that fit because of my height so when I find a brand or pair that fit I cling on.  I've been a Kut from the Kloth girl lately because of petites but when Just Posted shared these Mossimo jeans on her Facebook page I had to try them.  And well they are perfect!!!  High waisted sucks everything in, love the raw hem and distressed detail.  From a sizing standpoint I obviously went with short (they also come in regular and long lengths).  The 2 was a little tight but the 4 was a little big so I'm going to stick with the 2 and know they will stretch out a bit (and make sure not to put them in the dryer).  They do have faux pockets which may or may not be a dealbreaker for you...I don't mind it.  These are definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe this fall...and best news is they are $29.99 and you can get 10% off with code JEAN10.  And for those of you that use Ebates, you can get 1% cash back.  Not familiar with my post about it here, here and here...I'm a big fan!!!!  

A lucky week for me to find not one but two awesome Target finds.  This Mossimo sweatshirt reminds be so much of the Caslon sweatshirt I posted back when I first started the blog back up again a few months ago.  Similar lightweight, soft sweatshirt with lace up detail across the front.  It comes in two colors - mauve and black and the price point is awesome at $18.99.  I'm wearing a small and it fits great.  Right now they are buy one, get one 50% off!

#3 - Ricky Alessandro Dry Shampoo 
I try really hard to only wash my hair every other day and the only way I can get away with it is by using Ricky Alessandro dry shampoo.  This is seriously one of my favorite hair care products.  I've never really liked dry shampoos before because of seeing white powder at my roots or the residual powder feel in my hair.  Ricky's product doesn't do's like I'm barely putting anything on my hair and it works like a charm.  Plus it smells great too.  I bet you can't tell which OOTD pictures my hair is just washed and which is a day old.  Check out my full review of the Ricky Alessandro hair care line here.

#4 - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 

I know you are all probably sick of me posting about the Anniversary Sale but I can't help it.  It's one of my favorite times of year...I'm like a little kid at Christmas time.  The sale is wrapping up and I've gotten some really great deals.  I know my back account is glad it's over but I'm sad.  Time to start saving my rewards for next year's sale.  I'll keep posting on Christina's Favorite Things on Facebook through the end of the sale with restock alerts and favorites that are still available.  And you can check out my posts on the sale here, here, here, here and here.

#5 - Scout Bag 

I know I've posted about this bag before but the Scout Deano Large is my go-to bag this summer.  I literally use it every weekend as we head to the pool.  Great quality...holds everything you need.  Highly recommend.  Want to know what I keep in this bag...check out my post on it here.  

Now for something fun...head over to Christina's Favorite Things on Facebook for a fun giveaway of one of these Friday Favorites.  

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Favorite Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends in just a few days on Sunday, August 6.  I love this time of year but my bank account needs a break.  After lots of trying on, ordering and returning I've decided what I'm keeping and what's going back so with that I present to you my favorite Anniversary Sale no particular order...and because I've got a little OCD they are organized by category.  Many of these items are still available so make sure you check them out before its too late.

SHOES (because you can never have too many!) 

 (true to size, wearing 6.5)

These Vince booties were a last minute purchase.  I've been on the hunt for a pair of black booties and when the Kork-Ease ones didn't work out I decided to try these and I'm so glad I did.  I love the cut so you see some ankle...they are super comfortable and just enough heel for this 5'1" girl.  And nothing beats Vince shoes for under $100!  Also come in other colors...lots of sizing and color options still available.  

(true to size, wearing 6.5)

If you've been following Christina's Favorite Things then you know I've been on the hunt for a pair of black slip ons.  I was thrilled when these Vince ones became available because I've heard such good things about this brand's slip ons but I didn't want to pay full price.  So happy with these.  There are still a ton of color and size options available.

DRESSES (love me a good dress!) 

(size up, wearing 4)

This Chelsea28 dress was a favorite from the beginning.  Will be the perfect summer to fall transition piece and then again winter to spring.  It will be perfect for work or other functions where I need to dress up a bit.  Still some sizes available.

(true to size, wearing XS) 

I LOVE this Cupcakes & Cashmere dress.  The fit is perfect.  Love the off the shoulder.  Again will be a great transition dress.  And I just love that it has pockets.  I plan on wearing it to my husband's 40th birthday party unless of course I find something else I love between now and then.  :)

DENIM (great time to stock up on new jeans!) 

(true to size, wearing 26) 

I bought a pair of Paige jeans last anniversary sale and this year's pair didn't disappoint either.  Such a great deal to get premium denim under $100.  I highly recommend these.   I have to get them hemmed a bit but nothing crazy so it won't lose it skinny bottom.

(true to size, wearing 2P) 

I'm a HUGE fan of Kut from the Kloth jeans.  And these step hem ones didn't disappoint.  I was a little skeptical about the hemline but after trying them on I loved them.   Something fun and different.  Quality is on point and the price is perfect at $60. (For those of you wondering...the top is from sale...didn't make my top picks because there are just too many but it's still available here)

TOP (tops, tops and more tops!) 

(sized up, wearing S)

Love this Caslon hoodie.  So soft and comfy.  What I love most is the detail...three quarter length sleeve and the inset in the back.  I was on the fence about this one after first but after trying it on a few times I knew I had to keep it.  This will definitely be a go-to this fall.

(true to size, wearing XS in both...tee runs a bit big but I like that fit for this look)

I love Lush!!!  I already have so many great tops in my wardrobe and these two were great additions.  I know I've talked a lot about them already so I won't bore you but you can't go wrong with the roll tab blouse (select colors and sizes available) or the tee (constantly being restocked).

SWEATERS (fall is approaching so need to restock!)
(comes in one size) 

There were SO many good sweaters this sale it was very hard to narrow it down....but I did so hear are my picks.  This Halogen cashmere vest has been a favorite from the very beginning.  It's sooo soft and is going to get a lot of wear this season.  As much as I would have love to keep both...I stuck with basic black.  One of my favorites overall from the sale.  It keeps coming in and out of stock.  

(true to size, wearing XS) 

This Halogen tie cashmere sweater was a surprising favorite of all of my purchases.  Truth be told I just got it to review for you guys but ended up loving it. I kept it in black.  It's super soft and going to be very versatile for me...I will wear it with jeans or black pants and can keep it dressed down or dress it up with a fun necklace.  I highly recommend and there is  

(true to size, wearing XS/S)

I'm late to the Barefoot Dreams party but I'm glad I'm here and don't want to leave.  I absolutely LOVE their cardigans...SOFTEST.THINGS.EVER!  I tried on this circle cardigan and also the hooded one and the circle one won me over.  The hooded one was a bit overwhelming on my 5'1" frame.  The circle one is also a little more dressy so I could wear it more places.  They keep restocking so definitely pick yourself up one!  

OUTERWEAR (need to stay warm this fall/winter!) 

(sized up, wearing S)

I had been waiting and waiting for this Madewell Catskills jacket.  It was sold out EVERYWHERE but I finally got my hands on it and I'm a huge fan!  It's going to be the perfect fall jacket.  I can't wait to style it.  It's been sold out for a while with limited restocking but don't worry I'm working on a post filled with similar jackets.   

ACTIVE WEAR (or just lounge around the house wear!) 

 (true to size, wearing XS) 

You all know my love for Zella leggings so I won't bore you with a long drawn out explanation.  I will say if you haven't tried the Hatha (on the left) or the Keep It Cool leggings (on the right) then now is the time to do it because the sale is the perfect time to purchase.  Still available in various colors and sizes.

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