Saturday, February 2, 2008

Favorite Thing #12 - Aveda's Light Elements™ Smoothing Fluid

As I have mentioned before I have curly hair and I straighten pretty much everyday. One step in the process of straightening it is Favorite Thing #12 - Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. I use this product almost everyday to help tame the fly-aways and just give my hair a smooth, finished look. There are many uses for this product. According to Aveda's website you should:

Apply a small amount of Light Elements™ Smoothing Fluid through damp hair. Blow dry and style. For extra shine—or to tame flyaways—apply to dry hair

I personally only use it right after I blow dried my hair - it's the step in between blow drying and flat ironing. All I need is a few pumps (and I have LONG hair so for those of you with shorter hair you would only one to two pumps) because a little goes a long way and I just run it through my hair. Then I style my hair and if need be apply just a tad more. This product is $23 but will last you a VERY long time. I have had my bottle for over a year now and I am no where near close to even being half way through it.

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