Saturday, February 9, 2008

Favorite Thing #18 - OPI's "oh to be 25 again" nail polish

This is another nail polish in my collection. This is one of my favorite fall/winter nail colors - it's not too dark, not too light, not too red and not too brown - it's just perfect - OPI's "Oh to be 25 again"

I am a big fan of painting my finger nails a dark color in the fall and winter months and this is my usual go to. There are two problems that I have with it -

  1. I can't paint my nails myself with this color. I'm just not that talented and the manicurist does such a better job!
  2. When it chips you can definitely see it (but that's why I have my own bottle on hand to touch it up myself).

1 comment:

Teha said...

I love this color! Christina bought me my own bottle of this (Thank you, Christina!) and at the time we laughed about the name b/c Christina wasn't 25 yet! Now this is my staple nail color during the winter months. I get a mani once every 3-4 weeks and then do touch-ups with my own bottle. I always get compliments on my color.


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