Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Favorite Thing #27 - Tupperware's Forget Me Not Set

I finally had the opportunity to try out some of the new Tupperware I got from the party that April and I co-hosted about a month ago. And one of my newest favorite things is the - Forget Me Not Set. These small pieces of Tupperware are perfect for when I use half of something...I have been using it for half an onion, half a lemon or half a tomato. They fit perfectly and store easily too!

The set comes with three pieces - two round and one square - for $17.50. Here is some information about the these great containers from Tupperware:

  • Round provides superior fridge storage for half an onion, tomato, orange or other round, partially used fruit or vegetable.

  • Square stores approximately 20-24 slices of individually wrapped cheese slices.

  • Each hangs from fridge shelf.

  • Hinged, one-piece design means no seal to store or lose.

  • Large tab makes opening and closing the seal a snap.

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