Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Favorite Thing #35 - Williams-Sonoma Microfiber Mitt

This a a new addition to my favorite things - Williams-Sonoma Microfiber Mitt. This was a recommendation from my friend Chandra. In the past had been using Pledge Dry Cloths to dust my furniture and they worked great. The problem is that I am constantly dusting our place because we have dark furniture so I am constantly buying these cloths. That has all changed thanks to this favorite thing. This is an all purpose "mitt" and I only need one. According to Williams-Sonoma:

"Wearing this plush mitt, you’ll speed your way through all sorts of cleaning tasks – from dusting and damp-wiping surfaces to polishing glass and mirrors. Its thick “noodles” of soft microfiber absorb spills instantly, reach into crevices for deep cleaning and trap dust particles rather than stirring them into the air. The back side is a flat-loop microfiber weave that is ideal for metal and glass surfaces. Use the machine-washable mitt wet or dry, with or without cleaning products. One size fits all. 9" long."

I have only used this for dusting and wiping smudges on stainless steel products. I love this so much that I am thinking about getting another one so that I can have one of each of the levels of my house.

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