Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Favorite Thing #48 - Dirt Devil Broom Vac

This favorite thing was a housewarming gift from Mark and April and my husband and I absolutely LOVE it. The best way to describe this is that its like a broom but instead of having to sweep everything up with a dustpan and brush it sucks it up for you. This product is amazing!!! It works on tile, hardwood floors and even the throw rugs I have on my floors. It's so easy now to clean the floors. And this products comes in all sorts of fun colors!!!!

Here are some product details from

  • The Dirt Devil Broom Vac is a cordless broom that sweeps and vacuums in one easy step.

  • With 60% more power than the original Broom Vac™, the redesigned Broom Vac is convenient enough for quick pick ups, but powerful enough for everyday cleaning.

  • Simply push the foot switch with a tip of a toe, sweep dirt as normal and watch the mess disappear.

  • The product is ideal for cleaning dry spills on a variety of hard floor surfaces such as wood, linoleum, marble and tile.

  • And unlike the old straw broom and dustpan, there`s no need for bending over and no messy line of dirt left behind.

  • After use, simply remove the unit's dirt cup and empty.

  • To recharge the Broom Vac simply plug in the adaptor.

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