Monday, June 2, 2008

Favorite Thing #56 - Laura Mercier Secret Brightener

This favorite thing came about thanks to my friend Lauren. She introduced me to this miracle makeup - Laura Mercier Secret Brightener. This Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner is really amazing. It instantly opens your eye area or brightens your face at the same time smoothing your skin. It reflects light away from darkness while boosting radiance. There are two different shades - Use Secret Brightener Pen #1 for fair to medium skin tones and use Secret Brightener Pen #2 for medium to tan and darker skin tones.

And there are two ways to use the product:
  • To open the eye area & illuminate the cheek bone, apply Secret Brightener to the lower temple moving inward towards the apple of the cheek
  • To lighten darkness or shadow apply Secret Brightener directly to the area of concern and its suggested to set with Secret Brightening Powder, when used around the eye. (I personally don't do this and in the two years that I have been using this product don't find a need).

This product can be found at a variety of places including Amazon, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and anywhere the Laura Mercier makeup is sold. It's $30 which I know is cheap but it should last you about six months - at least that's how long a tube lasts for me.

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