Monday, July 21, 2008

Favorite Thing #69 - TV Show: Jon and Kate Plus 8

My husband and I are addicted to this favorite thing - the TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8! The show follows the daily lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin, an average American couple living in Pennsylvania raising a set of twins and a set of sextuplets for a grand total of EIGHT CHILDREN!!! We started just watching the show if it happened to be on when we were watching TV but now we are full on ADDICTED!! We DVR every episode - I think at any given time we have at least 5 episodes for us to watch. New episodes air every Monday night on TLC, and repeats air throughout the week at all different times. We love watching what goes on in this family - they are very real and the kids are ridiculously adorable.

Jon and Kate have a book coming out in November titled Multiple Blessings. It's available for pre-order on for $13.59. I've pre-ordered a copy already so stay tuned for a book review. The first two seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8 are available on DVD for pre-order on for $14.99.


Ann said...

I love this show, too! I have been an avid fan for awhile. And while all of the kids are adorable, Aidan and Leah are my favorites. :) I can't wait for their book.

mikey said...

ok, ok, ok. even i'll admit it. i like this show. i enjoy this show. and, aiden is my favorite. there, i said it.


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