Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guest Favorite Thing - DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket

This guest post comes from my husband...

Anyone who knows me would agree that I am an enormous sports fan. All sports. Football, baseball, hockey, you name it. And those same people would have the same answer to the question "who is Mikey's favorite sports team?" Although I've got loyalties and love for a team in every sport, the answer, without hesitation, is the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. One problem: I DON'T LIVE IN PITTSBURGH ANYMORE" Now, I'm not here to complain to all of you and moan about my problems (if you really want to know, just ask my wife). I am here to offer a solution to anyone who may be in a similar situation. With that I bring you the GREATEST INVENTION IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND: DirectTV's NFL Sunday Ticket.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you now have the, the right to watch EVERY NFL GAME there is to offer. No more missing a moment of your favorite team's season. Plus, for you Fantasy Football fans out there, you have access to all of your squad's players. I am in 3 different league's and let me tell you, this service transforms every Sunday into a sports fan's Utopia. But wait.....there's more. For an additional fee, you can get SuperFan.

This lil' piece of heaven gives you the RedZone Channel which automatically switches from game to game, assuring that you don't miss any touchdowns or big plays from around the league. You simply set the remote down and let the TV do all of the work. You also get the GameMix Channel. This shows you eight....yes, eight games at once. When you want to focus in on a particular one, you simply click on it and are there. You also get Player Tracker which allows you to identify up to 18 players on your Fantasty Football teams and throughout the day, no matter what game you are watching, you will receive scrolling updates on how your team is doing.

I'll leave you all with this. My wife and I subscribe to DirectTV for one reason: The NFL Sunday Ticket. Sure we get a bunch of other stuff....blah blah blah. But this service has changed my life. Just ask my wife. Right honey??? Don't you love watching football for 12 straight hours?? I'll take that silence to mean "yes."

Oh,and one more thing.....GO STEELERS!!!!!

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Keri said...

Oh Boy! I cant wait for sunday!!!!


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