Monday, November 24, 2008

Favorite Thing #89 - Ornament Organization

Sorry that I have been so MIA this past couple of weeks. Things have been crazy busy! Anyway I am back and hope to be posting regularly. This favorite thing is perfect for the upcoming holidays. Anyone that knows me, knows I am an an organizational nut and this favorite thing is the perfect example of that - Ornament Organizer (and I am going to feature two of them)!
The first one is for your larger ornaments, especially your ornament balls. There are three levels of storage and each level has a compartment for each individual ornament. It keeps them organized and protected. The second one I also use for ornaments. These are more for the small, flat ornaments. Again it's a stacking system with several levels. It keeps your ornaments organized and protected. Definitely helps save space and keeps your Christmas stuff organized. I got both of these at Target but you can also find them online.

1 comment:

Just Plain Joy said...

oooh! I'm so excited to see these! I'm taking out my holiday decorations this week, and I'm going to figure out how many of these I need. AND, I have a gift card to Target. Thanks for sharing!


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