Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Super Bowl Party Idea

My husband is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan so when they made it to the Super Bowl this year we decided to have a Super Bowl party. We decided to do a theme party to involve all of our guests and also keep costs down for us. We are hosting an "Ultimate Recipe Showdown Super Bowl Bash" where all of our guests are asked to bring their specialty party dish - dip, casserole, hor'dourve, etc. This party idea is based off the show Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network hosted by Guy Fieri. All of our guests will vote on the best Super Bowl Party dish and the winner will get a prize (which is TBD). I think this is a great way to keep costs down (not that my husband and I are cheap but it can get expensive), there is going to be a variety of all kinds of great football food (we asked everyone to list what they were going to bring in the evite so there weren't too many duplicates and then I know what food staples are missing and I can provide them), and it will be a fun twist for those not really interested in the game. This party idea can be used for any big get together - makes it fun, interactive, and affordable.

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josiem said...

I'm always looking for good party recipes- would love to see what kinds of things people bring.


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