Thursday, February 5, 2009

Favorite Thing #111 - Domiciano de Barrancas Malbec 2006

I'm a huge fan of Malbecs (thank you Lisa) and I just picked this bottle (Domiciano de Barrancas Malbec 2006, Argentinia) when I was at stocking up for the Super Bowl party. I will admit the reason I picked up this bottle was because it was $9.98 and they told me it was a good wine. Well it's a great wine. I really wish I would have picked up more than one bottle of this and I actually might go there this weekend to get some. says it's the best Malbec they have ever had at this price. Since I'm not a wine connoisseur here is some information about this wine from the experts:
Like most of the new world, Argentina grows a variety of classic French varietals, but the Argentines have undoubtedly had the greatest success with Malbec. Once an unknown blender in a handful of Bordeaux wines, Malbec is now a major player thanks to an uncanny propensity for making great wines in South American soil. Though there are countless great values to be had, this is one of the best we have come across in months.

Domiciano de Barrancas has hit one out of the park. This bottling is from a group of vineyards in Barrancas located in the Maipu Valley of Mendoza, and is aged in both new French and American oak. What you are left with in the bottle is another amazing, crowd pleasing value. Full of brambly blackberry fruit tightly ensconced in sweet vanilla bean and sweetened cocoa aromatics this is instantly appealing. Some Malbecs are over the top and tannic, this one displays real finesse, with plums and strawberries on the nose, mild tannins with just a hint of vanilla thanks to barrel fermentation, and an unexpected acidic presence that brings it all into balance. You will not find a better value!

I still drink Favorite Thing #11 almost everyday. Since switching to a new medication I have found that milk upsets my stomach so I rarely get lattes from Starbucks anymore. I just stick with the Lemon Lift tea. It gives me just enough caffeine to get through my morning.

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Lyndsy said...

OOh thanks for the idea! I will definitley check it out!


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