Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guest Favorite Thing - TV Show Dexter

This is actually a favorite thing of mine as well but I thought I would let my hubby do a guest post.

If anyone asks me about MY favorite things, more often than not it will relate to television. Just recently, Christina and I took the advice of several friends and family members and FINALLY gave the show Dexter a shot. Let me tell you something: this is one of the most addictive shows I've ever watched. Here's the skinny: Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter expert for the Miami Metro Police Department. So, alot of the story lines revolve around murder scenes. But wait: this ain't no CSI or Law and Order. The twist with this show is why it's so good. Dexter is a serial killer. Yup. He chops 'em up into little pieces and feeds 'em to the fish. Wait, wait, wait. Let me explain. He is actually a guy that you find yourself rooting for. That's right, you will quickly support his actions because he only kills the bad guys. Now, I don't want to give too much away, but throughout each episode the storyline reveals more and more about Dexter's childhood and the moments that made him who he is. Another highlight of the show is the cast of characters that, in their own right, can carry intersting plots. From the foul-mouth sister to the sex-crazed asian forensic scientist this show keeps you wanting more. My wife and I just finished Season Two. A feat that we accomplished just as fast as NetFlix would send us the DVD's. Season Three just finished airing on Showtime, so we are currently awaiting its release on DVD. This is definitely one of MY favorite things. So go out, get the first two seasons and enjoy!!! Oh, and let it be known that I do NOT condone serial murders.......unless they deserved most Ravens fans. I kid......I kid.


J said...

Love this show!

Jordan said...

Great review! And I completely agree, the show ROCKS!


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