Monday, February 23, 2009

Our House One Year Later continued - Living Room/Dining Room

Our living room/dining room was the one room in the house that we didn't have any major things to do except buy all the furniture. We moved from a 900 sq. ft. condo to a townhouse with over 2000 sq. ft. so we had a lot of furniture to buy. This room was one of the last rooms done because it wasn't a necessity.

We loved the color on the walls. It's a deep green with accented brown trim around the windows. Here are some before pictures (I loved the original owners furniture so much that I asked if we could buy it from them but they weren't interested)

And here are the after shots...

This picture shows the wine rack (bridal shower gift from my mom and sister), chairs from Target, pillows, hidden desk (Favorite Thing #118) and end table from Crate and Barrel. The lamp in the background is Target as well and then picture frames and candles were wedding gifts.

This angle shows the couch (bought through a friend's relative that's an interior designer - we got an amzing deal) and the end table, mirror from Crate and Barrel (matches coffee table). On the wall there is a gallery of picture frames from Red Envelope that are all from our wedding.

And last but not least the dining room table. This was the hardest piece to find. It also came from Crate and Barrel (can you tell its my favorite home store). This shot shows the table with the leaf in it.

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Lindsay said...

Love those chairs from Target!


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