Thursday, March 26, 2009

Favorite Thing #139 - Stationary/Greeting Cards

You might say that I "collect" Favorite Thing #139. I love stationary! I love getting mail so I try and make an effort to send people hand written thank you cards. I have a collection of all different types of thank you cards and blank stationary. Most of my collection has been gifts from people. But I also have bought some myself. Some of my favorites places to buy stationary are Luxe Paperie, The Papery, and Target. In addition to my stationary I have a large collection of greeting cards in my Greeting Card Organizer (Favorite Thing #117). Sometimes I will buy cards months in advance if I know see what that stands out and will fit that person perfectly. I am always looking for new places to get stationary and greeting cards...what are you favorite shops?

Still love and use Favorite Thing #39 - Hobo clutch. I give credit to my dear friend Margaret who introduced me to this wonder clutch. I use this ALL the time. It's perfect for a night out because it hold almost everything I need. I also use this a lot on business travel. When I travel on business I almost always carry on and a lot of the airlines are strict with their two bag policy. I have my lap top bag and my suitcase so the clutch is perfect to use because it holds what I need and fits in my bag.


Life at the White House said...

i'm a huge sucker for stationary/cute greeting cards.

i have WAY too many. you definitely need to check out whimsy press if you haven't already!

Ally said...

I love stationary too - I'm obsessing over our wedding announcements! If you want to obsess too, let me know! haha I'm pretty sure my girlfriends are SO TIRED of me asking "But what about this one??"

Jane said...

I bought my mom a hobo clutch for her birthday last year and she loves it. Everytime I see it I want one! Hmmmm. May have to work on that wish!


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