Monday, March 30, 2009

Favorite Thing #140 - Serving Dishes

I LOVE serving dishes! My hubby would probably say that I have an addiction to them. I have a great collection (thanks to our wedding registry). The picture above is the main pattern of serving pieces that we registered for. It's Lenox's Spyro pattern. What I love about it is that it's metal and it will go in house we have. Here are some of my other favorite serving pieces (thank you wedding registry) and I think are a must have (and ironically they are all from one of my favorite stores - Crate and Barrel).

Cambridge Two-Tier Server with Plates

Tripoli Server

Square Chip and Dip (I use this mainly for veggies and fruit)

Chip and Dip (I have this in a different pattern)

I still use Favorite Thing #40 - Bath and Body Works Wallflowers and give them as gifts all the time. I think it really is the best way to keep your house smelling fresh. I will say that I NEVER buy the them full price. Bath and Body Works always has sales going on.


Anonymous said...

We also registered for the serving dish stand - it's so cute!

I haven't tried the Bath and Bodyworks scented oil, I have been buying the ones from the grocery store for 5 dollars for a pack of 2. I may need to switch over!

Aliya said...

We have that Cambridge 2-tiered server, too! Except.. its IMPOSSIBLE to store because that thing is huge! I love it though.. I even registered for 2 sets of platters and sometimes even use them to serve solo... without the stand!

RachelSmiles said...

i just bought a wallflower this weekend! "dancing waters" its amazing!

prettyface said...

MAN! I love Wallflowers!!!!

Vanilla orange Flower is (WAS!) my favorite scent, but they discontinued it. People on ebay are selling the candles, but for damn near $50 a pop! Crazos!!


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