Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picture Tag

Anna at Pocket Full of Pink tagged me in the picture game -

1. Go to your desktop and in your file for for pictures pick the 6th folder with the 6th picture.
2. Tell a story about that picture.
3. Tag 5 others and pass it on. Make sure you let your 5 know.

Since I am on my work computer I only have a few pictures in my picture file so I went with the sixth picture. This pic is obviously of my hubby and I. It was taken at my brother-in-law Mark and sister-in-law April's wedding reception. It was taken almost three years ago. Oh to be tan like that again. The summer can't get here soon enough.

Now it's your turn. I tag -

Rachel at it's the little things that make me smile
Abbie at A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door
Jane at In the waiting line
Ann at It's the Little Things
Darci at Life @ The White House

1 comment:

jane in the waiting line said...

thanks for the tag! i actually already did this, and i cheated the first time, because i don't have picture folders.. maybe its a mac thing. but i appreciate the thought and you look great in that picture!


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