Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Favorite Thing #142 - Rita's Italian Ice

I LOOOOOVE Rita's Italian Ice! It is the best cool treat in the spring/summer. There are several differnt sweet treats available but their signature treat is Italian ice. It combines ice with real fresh fruit and is made fresh daily at each location and served within 36-hours of mixing. The ice is Fat-Free, Cholesterol Free, Trans-Fat Free and made fresh daily in dozens of deliciously refreshing flavors.

I got to have my first Rita's this weekend when I was back in Allentown. I got a small cone w/ vanilla custard. Soo yummy. The hubby and I got Rita's again on our way back to DC and this Rita's had my favorite flavor watermelon so I had to get my favorite Rita's treat a gelati.

A gelati combines the custard and ice into a wonderful treat. There is a layer of custard at the bottom, then the ice, and then another layer of custard on the top. Soooo yummy! I'm so excited because there are a couple of Rita's near us now. Definitely go to frequent them this summer. Click here to find a Rita's near you!

I am OBSESSED with Target Dollar Bins! And it definitely is at the top of my list of all time favorite things. I find such cute things like greeting cards, gift bags, holiday items, onesies and socks for my niece and nephew, etc. Lately though the bins have been hit or miss. So hopefully next time I go there will be lots of great stuff!


Dmbosstone said...

Target: It's waaay better than Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your kind words about Rita's :) We are glad you love our frozen treats and support Rita's!

Ice. Custard. Happiness.

Jen Cohen
Social Networking Coordinator
Rita's Franchise Company


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