Friday, June 12, 2009

Favorite Thing #160 - Dave Matthews Band

I have been a Dave Matthews Band fan since middle school. I have all of their albums and know most of their songs by heart. I don't think there is a song that they have come out with that I don't like. Some of my all-time favorite songs include Satellite, #41, Say Goodbye, and The Space Between. Last week their new album, Big Whiskey and The Groo Grux Kings came out.

I actually bought the CD (I can't remember the last time I bought a CD) and listened to it on the drive to Morgantown and back this past weekend. Already I'm in love with the new single Funny The Way It Is (#3), Time Bomb (#11), Baby Blue (#12), and You and Me (#13).

Still love Favorite Thing #60 - Me Jana. It's a great restaurant. I haven't eaten there in a while (and not because I don't want to) because I'm not eating lunch out very often since we are trying to save money. If you are in the Arlington area and plan on it, I definitely recommend eating here - lunch or dinner.


Dmbosstone said...

Oh I love the new album- you should listen to Seven, I'm a big fan.

Michelle said...

Brian and I just discovered the DMB station on XM radio. I think we went to 5 concerts the first year we dated:)


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