Friday, July 17, 2009

Clean Closet

I'm still cleaning out my closets and getting rid of "stuff". I've put of few more things up on ebay and will add more over the weekend. Click here to see the listings. What a good feeling to purge all the stuff that just sits in my closet and I'm so proud of myself for keeping my shopping to a minimum and really thinking through my purchases!

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Nikki Cogg said...

Yayyy cleaning out the closet is such a rewarding experience! It's annoying to do, but when it's done, you feel so much better! I'm sorry you weren't able to find anything at the Rue La La final sale!! :( A lot of what I liked was sold out as well, but I feel lucky I was able to steal that Tory henley. I tried to log in around 11am cst and it was closed due to high traffic volume! Have a great weekend, Christina!


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