Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Few Updates...

I was REALLY excited for the Rue La La Final Sale boutique today. I had an adorable Vera Wang shirt in my shopping cart and was looking at a few other items and then this appeared -

We are closing Rue La La for the day.

We’ve heard our Members, and we know how frustrating it is when there are problems. We are closing Rue La La for the rest of the day to work on the site. Rest assured, if you placed an order earlier today, it’s on its way. And, if you weren’t able to place an order, please know that we will notify all of our Members when the Boutiques open again. We’re dedicated to making things better. Thank you so much for your understanding, and for being a Rue La La Member.

I am SO frustrated. I bet all the stuff I wanted will be gone by tomorrow. Oh well, I'm just going to hope for the best.

I was also really excited about the Kitchen Aid boutique at Rue La La but didn't end up getting anything. I wanted the pasta attachment and dutch oven but didn't want to pay shipping then and then pay shipping again for the items I order from the Final Boutique. I told myself if they were still in my shopping cart by the time I ordered from the Final Boutique then I would get them. They weren't - they were gone in less than an hour.

I picked up my free Aveda samples and the Rockville Town Square Aveda. The samples are very small (10 ml) but are perfect for a weekend trip and the best part is they were FREE!

I ended up getting everything that was in my J.Crew shopping cart except the flip flops (see this post for details) and was very happy to take advantage of the extra 20%. I loved everything except the necklace. The cardigans are perfect and work really well with my dresses (use them at work because my office gets sooo cold) and I the dress is sooo cute, a little low cut but I'm making it work. The necklace unfortunately was WAY TOO BIG!! :( I'm a petite girl (5'2" on a good day) and I swear the necklace took up my entire neck and started making its way towards my bust. I was so bummed and thankfully I didn't buy it on final sale so I'm going to return it. When I return it I'm going to head over to Forever 21 and see if I can find anything cute. Many of the blogs I follow always find really cute things so hopefully I will have the same luck. I checked out their site and here are a few things I have my eye on -


RachelSmiles said...

thats the top from Choe! i totally have it in my shopping cart :)

Kim said...

See, I was REALLY disappointed in that J.Crew dress. I didn't expect it to be so open on the sides. Good thing I went to the B&M to check it out instead of ordering it online.

Love your blog!

Ann said...

Love that ruffle shirt!!! And I was VERY disappointed with Rue. I think this has happened before, but not to this extreme. Hopefully no one else bought anything during The Final Sale and they still have some stuff left. :(

monogramgirl said...

Cute Forever 21 choices. Good Luck!

Patty said...

I enjoy your blog! You have a nice sense of classic style. I have a few low cut tops that show too much cleavage. On a blog called You Look Fabulous, I read about an item called "Second Base" which is like a cami, but just the straps and the bust coverage without the extra "layer" beyond that. So, you can wear one of them with a low-cut top or dress and have the layered "look" without the whole layer. I bought a black and a white "Second Base" and I love them, esp. in the summer when I want the "cleavage coverage" of a cami without another layer all the way under my clothes. It's the best purchase I made last month. You Look Fabulous blog had a coupon for free shipping, too. Here is the product website:

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina,

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