Thursday, July 16, 2009

Need Your Help!

I'm so bummed. I got a stain on my new white J.Crew Bermuda shorts (of course I only wore them once). I didn't realize I had the stain on them till after the beach (stain set in for a week). As soon as I discovered it I treated it with Shout and washed it. I thought I got the stain out so I put the shorts in the dryer...I didn't get the stain out. :( I'm afraid its a lost cause since I dried the shorts already and therefore set the stain. Any advice on how I can try and get the stain out???


Miss HoneyDew said...

Bleach and/or peroxide! Peroxide even gets blood out! :-) Good luck!

Allie said...

Try the sun. Dampen the stain, put in bright sun and leave for a couple of hours. It is AMAZING how well this can work.

If not, try One tablespoon of classic Dawn liquid – the blue stuff and One cup of hydrogen peroxide. Dab onto stain with a clean cloth or sponge.

This combo has been AMAZING for me, even on delicate fabrics.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aren't those cotton bermudas?? If so you can just use bleach and you'll be all set! No WORRIES!

Anonymous said...

I use oxi clean and it works prety good. Spary it on, rub, spray again and leave sit for awhile then wash



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