Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Service Review -

Right before we left for Florida (back in May) I needed to pick up a bunch of stuff and didn't have time to go to Target or CVS so I decided to check out because the site was always popping up on my Ebates emails (6% cash back). The prices were very comparable (in fact the razor blades for my Hubby and I were cheaper here), I found everything I wanted and I got free shipping. And not only do you get money back from Ebates (6%), you also get 5% in credit every time you shop. Shipping is free on any order over $25 and this includes purchases on the sister site (like Sephora). The only downside is you can't use your coupons. The site does offer their own coupons and deals as well. I've used this service a few times now and are very pleased. Anyone else used it? Thoughts?


KT said...

I've used before but for some reason I prefer Sephora. I know this may sound dopey but I like the packaging better from Sephora! It just feels so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I get day to day stuff from Also, I found really good offers on pharmaecuticals for kids (cold medicine, etc). I have used them pretty regularly for about a yr now.


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