Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend we stay put (again)! Friday night was low key. Hubby played golf and then all of us met up for a late dinner. Saturday was more low key - pool all day and then met up with friends for drinks in Bethesda. Saturday night turned out to be a LATE night. Didn't get home till almost 3am....we never do that. And then Sunday was more pool but this time we went to Reston to see our friends. The boys golfed and we laid out and then we had a cookout. We are home again this weekend...I really could get used to no traveling.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Christina,

I love your site. I am so thankful that Mike introduced me to it. He speaks so highly of you.

I tried to look for your email and wasn't able to find it so I decided to write on here.

Mike said you might have some ideas in regards to p.r. for the store in DC Metro. I would love any input/advice you could give. Maybe we could meet up sometime. My personal email is hknolan@aol.com

Either way, I will continue to follow your site and definitely try out some of your favorite things.

Take care,


Dmbosstone said...

There's nothing wrong with coming home at 3 AM.... or 4 AM for that matter. Yikes.

gigiofca said...

You two are so cute! :-)

Shannon said...

It was a fun weekend my deary! Love the photo of all of us together on Sunday. Send it to me if you have a chance. Have a great day :)


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