Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Loving This!

Last week The Thrifty Stylist blogged about this Heirloom necklace and I LOVE IT! It's such a unique way of capturing a"family" in jewelry. There are five different charms of varying shapes and metals to represent you and your family.

1) itty bitty copper disc (3/8") - design stamp or letter

2) sterling silver raised edge disc (17mm) - 1/4" letter of last name or monogram of your initials

3) heavy gauge sterling silver bar (1") - 4 sided with 1/16" letters. I did my children on two sides and two other words (FAMILY and LOVE) on the other two

4) brass rectangle (16x12mm) - Wedding year, when you were "established"

5) sterling silver heart - with husband's name

I want one and I'm adding it to my Christmas list. The necklace is by Amy Cornwell Designs and she has some really amazing pieces. Definitely check her stuff out.

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