Friday, October 9, 2009

Gift Idea Friday - Bliss Cakes Boutique

My neighbor just started her own business making "cakes" for babies and bridal and they are the perfect gift. Her bridal cakes are called "Tie the Knot" cakes and they contain bath, hand and face towels wrapped in satin ribbons and topped with an artificial flower arrangement.

The diaper cakes are called "Tushie Cakes and they have everything you can imagine in it...tons of diapers, onesies, wash cloths, burp cloths, pacis, paci clips, hooded towel, socks, mittens, caps, travel size baby lotion, powder, shampoo, body wash, diaper cream, and a plush/toy, wrapped with super cute ribbons.

All cakes are made to order, so you can pick and choose what "ingredients" you would like in the cake and the total cost depends on what's included. I've seen these in person and they are amazing! She's just getting her business up and running so the website isn't up yet but if you are interested please contact Sandy at 301-442-7870 or Tell her you are a follower of Christina's blog! There is also a Bliss Cakes Facebook page. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely calling her when I'll need a gift for Tim's sister.

Anonymous said...

These are super cute!


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