Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thirfty Thursday - Master Coupon Clipper

Check out this GMA segment on a woman who bought $200 worth of groceries for one penny! There are some helpful coupons tips. One of the tips, I'm gonna try next time I go to the store - try and use multiply manufacturers coupons for the same item.


The Dishy Decorator said...

WOW. I got into clipping coupons a couple of years ago. I was like a big challenge for me initially, then to do it and then it got to be too overwhelming. Those are good tips. Even if we only use one or two of those ideas, we're still saving $$$. Thanks for sharing.

J said...

i love that story!! im always about a good deal but this woman totally beats anyone i know!! thanks for the story! love the blog, im gonna start following you now :) i'm from the dc metro area as well


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