Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Belated New Year!

Sorry I've been so MIA since Christmas. Hubby and I have been VERY busy! Our holiday was spent with his family back in Western Pennsylvania (we rotate holidays). We had a very enjoyable time with his family and got lots of great gifts. I told you earlier about an early Christmas gift from my father-in-law, our memory foam mattress. He also got me the Twilight series (I've already read them but so happy to own them so I can re-read) and some cute clothes. My mother-in-law and her husband totally surprised Hubby and I with a carpet steam cleaner. This is perfect since we just got new carpet in our house. Hubby and I exchanged gifts Christmas Eve morning before we left for PA. I got him a new iPod and a bunch of Steelers stuff. He got me some fabulous gifts from Christmas. He really surprised me this year with how much he listens and reads my blog. I got this fabulous black dress from ATL, an orange turtleneck sweater from J.Crew, super cute black and white dress from Target (can't find a pic), and this adorable clutch purse.

Part of the reason why I haven't been blogging is because Hubby and I got really sick over Christmas. We both had nasty colds that we are just now getting over. Having colds didn't make New Years as fun as we would have liked. We decided to still keep our plans to go to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland and celebrate with some friends. We went to a nice dinner and then celebrated the New Year and I promptly went to bed. It was beautiful up there with lots of snow. We spent the time snuggled in the house watching the snow. Here's some pictures from our little getaway.

I can't believe the holidays are over and the decorations are put away. Technically Christmas isn't over for us yet. We are heading to my family's house this weekend to celebrate.


Robin Maidman said...

you were still fun eventhough u were sick!!! the pics you took of ryan and i are so great!!!! ill hire you if i ever get bling to do some other good ones. you r great!!

Life at the White House said...

y'all are so stinkin' adorable (and sorry to hear you were sick over Christmas!!)....no fun!

I LOVE THAT CLUTCH.....IS IT FROM TARGET?! I must buy it today! ;-)


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