Monday, March 1, 2010

New Years Resolution Month Two Update

Two months into 2010 (I can't believe how fast this year is going by already) and here's my resoluation update.

1.Be Healthier - Definitely eating healthier. Hubby and I have been really good about watching what we eat and filling our diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I've lost another pound and feeling like I'm really toning up. This is all thanks to my personal trainer. I decided to buy a package of 24 sessions with him to see what results I see. So far I've meet with him four times and I'm already seeing a difference. If anyone lives in the Rockville area and are interested in a personal trainer, I definitely recommend mine. E-Mail me and I'll give you his info.

2.Be consistent with running - My running approach has changed. I've logged a little over 40 miles this month. My personal trainer has me trying to get my mile time around 6 minutes so we've been focusing on short runs...not so many long runs. I still think I will hit my goal of mileage for the year...esspecially because I know I will be out there running when the weather warms up.

3.Focus on my blog - So once again I haven't done a good job focusing on the blog. Work has been soo busy and I've been traveling too which makes it tough. My goal is to have 3-4 posts a week. I'm at 170 followers...30 away from 200. I hope I make it.

4.Cook at home more - We have been really good about cooking more at home. We are sharing duties and planning ahead which makes it easier. The best thing is we've saved extra money this month because of it!


Dollface said...

Resolutions in March is totally the way to go! great post :) xxxoo

monogramgirl said...

Goals are a good thing.

emily said...

cute blog!! 6 MIN MILE?!! woww very impressive!


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