Monday, June 28, 2010

Restaurant Recommendation

I'm heading to TN for work at the end of the week and need a restaurant recommendation. I'm actually going to be staying in Oakridge but wanted to grab dinner in Knoxville the night I get there. Please send me any good Knoxville dinner recommendations...preferably near the airport or on the way to Oakridge. Thanks!


AppGal said...

If you like Asian food you NEED to go to Stir Fry Cafe ( The one in Knoxville is at the Turkey Creek shopping center. It's an Asian fusion place...very hip & chic. It's like something you'd find in NYC. Their sushi and pad thai are amazing.

Also in the same shopping center is a place called Keva Juice. They have the BEST smoothies if you need a cool-down :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey busy bee! I have an award for you on my blog! Miss you!


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