Monday, August 2, 2010

Nordstrom Anniversary Purchase #4

I specifically picked up the NARS 'Hopelessly Devoted' Set because I wanted the bronzer blush duo for my purse. Big fan of the duo because it doesn't take up much room in my tiny purse makeup bag and its dual functioning. :) The lip glosses aren't that great. The darker one is a little too coppery for me and the lighter one is a little too nude. I'll try them over a few lipsticks and see if I can't make them work.

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Pink Julep Abroad said...

I love the Laguna Bronzer and Deep Throat Blush. Haven't used the browner gloss, but I just got the Orgasm gloss recently and I love it! I use it with a lip pencil underneath... you might try that to brighten it up a bit.


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