Friday, September 10, 2010

Wine Country Weekend Recap - Day 3

Our last day in wine country was focused more on relaxation. We spent the morning eating breakfast by the pool and relaxing at the spa. I got a facial which was so relaxing and very overdue. We took advantage of the natural mineral springs but taking part in the "bathing ritual." Here's what it involved:

Exfoliating Shower - Use the supplied rosemary eucalyptus shower gel to exfoliate and cleanse your skin.
Warm Bath (Tepiderium) - Ease into the 96-98 degree warm mineral bath.
Hot Bath (Caldarium) - Relax in the 102 degree hot mineral bath with jets.
Re-hydrating Drink - Enjoy a tall glass of water, which is vital for re-hydration.
Cool Shower - Cool your body with a brief shower.
Herbal Steam - Rest in the herbal steam room.
Sauna - Enjoy a few moments in the dry heat of the sauna.
Re-hydrating Drink - Enjoy a tall glass of water, which is vital for re-hydration.
Cool Shower - Cool your body with a brief shower.
Rest - Recline in the serenity of the relaxation lounge as your body renews and restores.

After spending the morning at the spa we headed to lunch at The Fig Cafe. We had another fabulous meal. I had a delicious, juicy cheddar burger and since they were still serving brunch, Hubby had corned beef hash which he loved. We then headed to our private tasting at Ledson Winery. I was really looking forward to this tasting because the vineyard looked absolutely stunning and they have a large number of wines. The tasting was absolutely AWFUL! The guy that was presenting the wines too us left at least four times during the tasting, he was disheveled and distracted then entire time, didn't bring the cheese plate we ordered till halfway through and barely talked about the wines. The tasting took less than thirty minutes and was very uncomfortable. I was so disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. When we told someone about how disappointed we were she said "unfortunately this isn't the first time we've gotten this complaint." Why if people have complained before is he still doing tastings?! I notified the hotel's concierge of our experience and he called the winery immediately. We should be getting a refund on our credit card for the tasting. I hope we do. The one positive of this winery was the wines themselves were excellent. I ended up buying a bottle of the 2007 Sonoma Valley 'Ancient Vine' Zinfandel. Hubby doesn't like many red wines but he loved this one so it will be saved for a special occasion for us to share together. I don't have any photos from this visit because I was so disappointed I was in the mood to take pictures. We did end up getting a refund for our private tasting and I received a phone call the other day from the general manager apologizing for my experience.

Since the private tasting took half the time we were told it would we decided to hit up a few more wineries. Next stop was Landmark. They have some amazing reds. I ended up buying the 2008 Steel Plow Syrah. So good! Then we headed to Chateau St. Jean. This is such a beautiful vineyard. Really like their whites. I picked up a bottle of their Fume Blanc and Pinot Blanc. Very refreshing wines. Here are some pictures from our day.


Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

That is so disappointing! Hope they give you a full refund!

mikey said...

I had such an awesome day with you on Sunday.........i'll always remember it.


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