Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Thing #212 - Arbonne's Pomegranate Energy Fizz Tabs

Fellow blogger and Arbonne rep Dina at My Superfluities sent me a bag of Arbonne samples a couple weeks ago and I was instantly hooked on Favorite Thing #212. The Energy Fizz Tabs in pomegranate are amazing. It's exactly what I need for an afternoon pick me up. In addition to giving me energy, it also "fills me up" and I don't have that need to do afternoon snacking. All you do is drop the tab in the water, let it fizz and dissolve and then drink. Think Alka Seltzer...the tab works the same way in the water. The come in two flavors - pomegranate and citrus, both are good but pomegranate is my favorite. Be sure to check out Dina's Arbonne site.

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dinagideon said...

What a great review, Christina! I agree with you--what a perfect afternoon pick-me-up. :) I have been using Arbonne products for years (which is how I eventually became a consultant--I figured if I loved the products, I might as well work for the company) and the fizz tabs were amongst my very first loves!

Right now, for the next 14 hours or so, I am offering a free gift bag of goodies with any $75 or more purchase at my website (which Christina provided a link to). I look forward to sending out lots of goody bags!!!

Thank you again, Christina!!!


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