Monday, April 25, 2011

Great New Recipe - Slowcooker Risotto

This weekend Hubby was home so I decided to make a home cooked meal for him. I decided to try a new recipe and needed something easy so I went with Sun-Dried Tomato Risotto from A Year of Slow Cooking. It was SUPER easy and sooo delicious. Here's the recipe -

1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes in oil
1 1/2 cup Arborio rice
4 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese (I used Parmesan instead)

Use a 4-quart slow cooker. Put the sun-dried tomatoes into the bottom. Add rice and swirl it around in the oil until it is well-coated. Add the chicken broth. Cover and cook on high for 2 to 4 hours. I found that mine cooked in 2 to 3 hours so just keep checking on it until the rice is tender. Remove the lid of the cook and stir in cheese. Turn off cook and let the risotto sit for 10 with the lid off before serving. Enjoy!

We also had our friends over and their adorable 3 week old baby. He fell asleep on me...isn't he adorable?

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Lyndsy said...

yum! this sounds amazing! thanks for the recipe!


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