Friday, June 24, 2011

Anthropologie One Piece = FAIL!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I posted about this bathing suit a couple months ago because I was on the hunt for a one piece bathing suit. I finally pulled the trigger with my bday 15% and go the suit. It arrived the other day and I was soooo excited and then when I tried it on I was soooo not. The bathing suit did not flatter my short torso was very low cut which defeats the purpose of me getting a once piece so I can play with my nieces and nephew in the pool.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

So I've adopted for this tankini in black from J.Crew...I got different bottoms then shown here, just a basic brief. I ordered this one and the small was too big (they definitely must have changed their bikini sizes because I should be a small). I've sent it back for an XS and really hope it fits. Fingers crossed.

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