Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner Dress and Shoes...check!

My little brother is getting married in September and I haven't bought a new dress in a while...our summers of weddings have slowed down...so I was excited to find something fun for the occasion. I hadn't planned on looking until later in the summer but I stumbled upon a dress that I had to get. I found this dress at the J.Crew Factory store in CT. It's part of the J.Crew collection (I guess only some of the factory stores carry this line) and they call it the Blue Martini. I love the colors and the style looks great on me. The best part was it was 30% off!!! Unfortunately, they didn't have my size so they ordered one from another store and it arrived over the weekend! I'm so happy with it. I have to get it taken in a little in the waist and the straps need shorten but other than that it's perfect. Here's a full length photo.

And these are the fabulous shoes I found at the Off Fifth Saks outlet that I will be wearing as well. These fabulous brown, bow pumps were also on sale...40% off! Now I just need to decide how I'm going to accessorize it!


dinagideon said...

Oh, I love this on you! :) I remember it being very popular when it came out last year at the retail stores, so it is fab that the factory stores are carrying their version.

I have a couple of factory collection pieces, and I personally am a fan...definitely expensive for factory, but much much less than retail!

You are going to love my word verification, btw, it is "spent." Quite appropriate for all of our fashion/shopping blogs. LOL. :)

michelle said...

Would you mind sharing what Factory store you ordered your dress from? I absolutely love it and want one for my own :) Did you just tell an employee the name of the dress in order for them to locate it for you. It looks great on you :)

Christina said...

Michelle - I actually purchased it at the Factory Store in Clinton, CT but they had to call stores to find one that had my size. Not sure which store they ended up ordering it from. I believe the dress is Blue Martini (that's what they called it) but only some stores carry the collection so I think so you might just want to call your local Factory Store and see if they can help you locate it.

michelle said...

Thank you so much, Christina! I will try calling some stores tomorrow :)


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