Friday, May 18, 2012

Outdoor Spaces Are Ready

As we get ready for the baby, we needed to get things done around the house and one of the big projects was getting the outside of our home ready for the warm weather.  We got in done over a couple of weekends. 

 The front of our town house.  My hydrangea bush is in crazy bloom already.  I bet by next weekend I'll be able to start clipping them and put them all over my house.

The deck is ready for lots of cookouts.  Here's our table.  I think I might end of getting some solid color pillows for the four other chairs.

The lounge area of the deck.  I'm on the hunt for some cushions for these chairs that give some life to this area.  I planted a bunch a basil this year so I can make lots of homemade pesto.

Here's the newest addition to the deck.  A Potters Bench from World Market.  This is a great new addition that will house all my herbs and will double as a serving table when we barbeque. 

And finally my garden.  We kept it simple this year since I won't have a lot of time to maintain it - cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and new this year, strawberries.  I'll keep you posted how it goes. 

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