Friday, July 13, 2012

Must Have Baby Products

My sweet baby girl is six weeks crazy how quickly the time is going by.  I thought I'd share with you the products that have been my must haves during these past six weeks.

We have been using this since day one.  The seat is Ella's favorite.  She sleeps, plays and just hangs out in it.  It's set up in our main living area which allows me to nap her in it and get things done.

The style I selected had a reversible changing pad/napper.  I never used it as a napper but the changing pad really has come in handy.  We set it up on our main floor so we don't have to go upstairs for every diaper change.  It breaks down easy and we brought it to the beach with us.  It was nice to have a changing/sleeping station for her for the week.
I actually discovered these burp cloths from one of my Citrus Lane boxes.  It's super soft and large so it catches more spit up than some of the other burp cloths I have.  It also doubles as a bib but we haven't really used bibs on her yet.

I had a really hard time breastfeeding.  Sweet Ella has a very small mouth and a hard time latching.  This nipple shield was a lifesaver.  It's the only way she's able to feed from me.

This has been a lifesaver to keep track of feedings and sleeping.  It's super easy to use and very portable.  I got this before I had an iPhone so I probably wouldn't have needed it but I've gotten so used to it that I prefer to over my iPhone.
This video monitor is so nice.  The picture quality is very clear and sounds is great.  The best part is that the camera actually rotates so you can get almost the exact angle you want.  It's not cheap but worth the cost in my opinion.  I'm so much more at ease when she's sleeping because I can easily see her.  I recommend getting the "skin" for the monitor because chances of you dropping it are good...especially when you are sleep deprived.
Ella absolutely LOVES this mobile.  My sister-in-law recommended it because my niece loves her.  We put it on when we put Ella down and it soothes her to sleep.  It's on a timer so it goes off after about 30 minutes or so.  I think this will be a lifesaver when we start napping her in her crib.

These have been a lifesaver for swaddling our little angel.  She loves to squirm and these swaddle blankets have velcro which help it stay in place.  I highly recommend these.  We love them so much that we bought more after she was born.

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Shannon Dew said...

I have heard lots of people say they love the snugbunny! I'm pretty sure when baby dew #2 comes around we'll use that too {if they still make it then}


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