Monday, October 1, 2012

Organization Monday - Getting Out the Door On Time

The biggest challenge for me is getting out the door in the morning on time and not frazzled.  So far its been going really well.  Hubby and I have a system and it really seems to be working so I thought I'd share it with you.  When he's not traveling we have a rotation - MWF I go to the gym at 5:30AM and Tu/Th he goes to the gym at 5:30AM.  When it's your gym day all you have to do is worry about easy right! When it's not your gym day it's not so easy.  Here's my morning routine (non gym days) -

5:15 AM - Alarm goes off...hit snooze
5:25 AM - Out of to the shower
5:45 AM - Time for morning coffee, empty dishwasher and prep whatever is for dinner the night before.
6:00 AM - Get ready for work, make bed and switch out laundry (if necessary)
7:15 AM - Get Ella up and ready for "school" (diaper change, lotion applied and dressed)
7:30 AM - Feed Ella (she's still only on bottles)
8:00 AM - Bottles in Ella's bag, gather my breakfast/lunch
8:15 AM - Must be out the door...try to get out the door earlier

So how do I make this morning routine go smoothly...a few ways:
  1. Bottle Prep - We went out an bought several more bottles so we would have enough on hand to make bottles ahead of time, have bottles for the day and not have to run the dishwasher every night.  I think we have at least 10 bottles.  Hubby or I make all of Ella's bottles for the next day the night before.  All of her day care bottles must be labeled with tape and the date so it's much easier to prep ahead of time.   
  2. Ella's Clothes - I set aside Ella's clothes for the week ahead of time in the closet then before we put her to bed I pull an outfit set it along with coordinating socks/bows on the changing table for the next day. This saves so much time trying to figure out an outfit, find socks, etc.  
  3. Food Prep - Since we had Ella we are trying to save more money (especially with daycare costs) so we try to eat out as little as possible.  This is a new thing and so far its going great.  The night before I make sure my lunch is ready to go and then all I have to do is grab it before I leave in the AM.  In order to save time in the evening and spend time with Ella, I've been doing a lot of slow cooker meals so before bed I prep any ingredients for the next days meal (season meat, peal and cut potatoes, etc.) and then before Ella wakes up I put everything together and turn the crock pot on right before I leave.  
  4. Use Time Wisely - I used to love jumping back into bed for 10-15 minutes after my shower to catch up on the news.  Not anymore.  I allow myself one snooze (which I really shouldn't) and then it's up to start my day and really no stopping till I go to bed that night.  Some things I've done to maximize time is:
    • throw a load of laundry in the night before, do a switch out the next morning and fold when Ella goes to bed
    • prep as much food over the weekend as I can
    • work together with Hubby as a team...split up the tasks...I am not super mom and can't do it all. 
It's SO exhausting at times but it's all worth it.  Looking at this it seems very structured and move from one thing to the next but that's not always the case.  Getting up super early and having a plan allows me time to enjoy some of my favorite times like when I do get Ella up and get to spend a few minutes laughing and playing with her or when I get home from work and the three of us just sit on the couch and hang out. 


Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Wow! I can't believe you get up almost 3 hours before you leave! That's impressive! My alarm doesn't even go off until 6:15, I don't usually get out of bed until 6:30 and we are out the door by 7:30!

MegBice said...

I love how organized and planned you are - that always helps. Lists are key. Something we do in our household that keeps sanity and saves about $20 a week is plan our meals for the week on Sunday. We also shop for all the ingredients (with coupons and based on our grocery store sales)...this sounds similar to your "prep as much food on the weekend as possible"


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