Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Cards Made Easier

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...our house has been plagued with sickness.  From RSV to stomach bugs to sinus infections...we've had it all.  Finally we were on the mend and poor Ella is getting sick AGAIN.  Thankfully I'm finally better because my to do list is growing and growing.  With the holiday season, life gets so busy and Christmas cards can be such a tedious task to do.  Thanks to my lovely step-sister-in-law for telling me about because now my Christmas cards are a breeze to do. Pretty much they do all the work.  You create the card and then will do the rest - address and ship ALL your cards!!!  I was worried that it was going to be super expensive but thanks to a 70% off coupon code I was able to check out with everything for under $100.  Yes that was over 150 cards addressed and shipped for that price!  And I got 7.5% back from Ebates!!!  Definitely check them out.  They have a great selection of cards.  For those of you that won't get a Christmas card from's a look.