Friday, January 4, 2013

Ella's 6 Months Old...well she was last month.

I've been behind on posting Ella's monthly pictures.  She was 6 months old last month.  I can't believe it.  Time is just flying by...she turned 7 months on Wednesday.  As I've done in months past, here were the most have products we used (and still do) during her six month of life.

First Row - I started making 90% of Ella's baby food and here are my must have essentials - OXO has the perfect storage containers for fridge or freezer.  Beaba's Babycook has been the perfect gadget to steam and puree, it does it all.  It's not cheap (mine was given to me as a gift) but I think its totally worth it.  Beaba also has these freeze containers.  They are great for storing a lot of food but you need to have another container to let it thaw out in.  I like them because it helps maximize my freezer space.  Not the most affordable but I used a 20% off coupon to purchase them.

Second Row - Ella loves the Taggie blanket.  She loves to play with the tags and put them in her mouth.  I noticed she was playing on the tag on the blanket I lay down for her so I have her this blanket and she loved it.  The Bumbo has served multiple purposes.  It's been great for her to practice sitting up but we also use it when we travel to use to feed her.  One of her other favorite toys is the Baby Einstein piano.  She can play with it on her tummy or while sitting up.  It has so many different settings that it keeps her entertained for a long time.   

Third Row - One of my favorite bloggers, Life After I Dew turned me on to Children's Place stretchie PJs.  They are so easy to put on and because they are so strechie she's not growing out of them right away.  I absolutely LOVE this hat from GAP.  It's fits her huge melon head and gives her maximum coverage over her ears.  It's soft but very durable.  Another great cold weather item is the JJ Cole Bundle Me.  It's goes over the car seat and Ella is all bundled up and need to worry about having a blanket. 

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