Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Goals!

I took an impromptu break from the blog last month.  I needed it.  Things where crazy with my work and home life.  Since my last post, I survived my first trip away from Ella (wedding in New Orleans), I survived my first business trip (sucked that it was right after my personal trip), celebrated Ella turning 6 and 7 months old, now have a crawler on my hands (here's a video) and celebrated the holidays with family and friends.  It's been a crazy month and I'm ready for things to settle down and enjoy quiet weekends at home.  As we start 2013, I've thought about what I want to accomplish and have decided to take a different approach this year.  Instead of focusing on specific goals of losing a certain number of pounds or gaining a certain number of blog followers, I want to focus on ways to overall improve my life and here's how I plan on doing it.

1.  Be healthier...and maintain it!  This year I want to do more than just lose the 10 remaining pounds to get to my goal weight.  I want to change my family's lifestyle so we are fit and healthy all year long.  Hubby and I enjoy working out and overall are healthy people but we get into these moods where we let it all go....we stop everything (no working out and eating like s*@t) and then try and get healthy again.  So this year my goal is to stay consistent - eat well, work out, get sleep (or at least try), take vitamins, drink more water and overall be more active.   

2.  Finish outstanding organizing projects....and stay organized! I LOVE to be organized and for the most part I'm a very organized person and run a very organized household.  However, I have a lot of outstanding organization projects that NEED finished.  And there are several rooms, cabinets, closets in the house that I find I'm constantly reorganizing.  This year no more of that.  I'm going to finish what I started and it's going to stay neat and tidy. 

3.  Make time for me! Now that my baby girl is seven months old (where has the time gone) and is more on a routine, it's easier for me to take time out on the weekends to do things for me.  Top of my "me" list for 2013 is read more, regular beauty treatments (pedicure, massage, etc), hang out with my girlfriends and get more sleep.  Hubby really wants me to focus on this so we'll see how it goes.    

4.  Focus on what I love to  I love this blog and I constantly have a million ideas on things to post running through my head.  It's always been the first thing I put on the back burner and this year, I'm really going to focus on it again and make it a priority.  I already have a few series in the works that I know you are going to love.  Let me know what you want to see more of in 2013. 

5.  Learn to let go.  This is a big one for me.  I need to remember that not everything is going to be perfect and it doesn't have to be.  Laundry can wait, dishes can wait, organizing can wait, etc.  I ordered this book to hopefully help me to learn to let go. 

6.  Save, Save, Save! Hubby and I are fairly frugal but I know we can do more.  We budget and coupon but I know there are places we can cut back.  Food is a big one...whether its eating out or over buying at the grocery store.  We need to plan better and stick to that plan.  Even if we only save an extra $100 a month...that's $1200 extra dollars in one year.  I will be sharing all my budgeting/saving tips during the weekly Thrifty Thursday posts.  Help me kick off the year with your do you save extra money?

So, what are your goals?  Any suggestions for how I can accomplish mine?  


[darci @ the good life] said...

My goals for 2013 are VERY similar to yours!! Here's to making them happen! :)

Ps - cannot believe your precious girl is already crawling!! That changes everything, right?! I remember it taking me several weeks to adjust to that being the new "normal"!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!

Mikey said...

Proud of you already baby!!! I'll make sure #3 is your priority.

Love you.

MegBice said...

So excited to continue to follow you this year! I'm impressed with your ability to juggle so many things already - and with a new baby. Good for you that hubby supports more you time, its important for you guys as a couple too. My husband and I try to remember that all the time, and is always harder than it sounds.

My resolution this year is to actually start my own blog. I've been a reader (of yours and a few others) for years...and always say it something I want to do, but never actually find the time to put it to motion. I have a book of ideas/topics I keep and jot down ideas that come to me, but I still need that push to take the next step. So this year I'm going to actually start it...


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