Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My So Fresh and So Clean Skin Care Routine

The older I get the more concerned I get about my skin and aging and wrinkles.  Oh how I regret my college days visiting the tanning bed.  For years I tried to find a skin care solution that gave me results...until now (and I mean it).  About three years ago my friend introduced me to Rodan and Fields.  I was complaining about not being able to find an eye cream and she mentioned that she was a consultant for Rodan and would be happy to give me a sample of theirs to try.  She wasn't pushy at all just offered me a chance to try something new.  After using the sample I really liked it so I bought some and three years later I'm still using it.  And by using it I mean scrapping the bottom of the jar to get every last bit out.  Every six months or so I've tried a new product and every time I love it.  The best part of Rodan is the 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee.  You can use the product to see how it works with your skin for a full cycle and if you don't like it then you can return it for your money back...even if its empty.

Here's a look at my morning and evening regime.

Morning Routine
  • All starts with the Redefine Regimen which helps minimize the appearance of pores and lines while helping improve firmness.  
  • I start by cleansing with Daily Cleansing Mask then make sure I've gotten all the mask off with the Pore Minimizing Toner. 
  • Some days I add the Microdermabrasion Paste.  This was the second product I fell in love with after trying some of the samples.  It's a gentle scrub but still refreshes my skin's texture.   
  • Then comes the first product that sold me on the line, the Multi-Function Eye Cream.  
  • And to finish it up the Triple Defense Treatment cream with has SPF 30 (a must).  This moisturizer is lightweight enough that I don't feel greasy but also gives me the moisture my skin needs.  

Evening Routine 
I'm not as good about the evening routine as I am with the morning.  Sometimes I'm just too tired.  I definitely can see a difference.  I don't recommend using retinol unless you consult your doctor.  I'm slowly working my way up...I started with 0.25.  Interested in the Rodan and Fields products?  Feel free to reach out to my friend Lauren for more information -  

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