Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More and more!

More organization to share on the blog today!  This time I'm sharing my jewelry nook and how I organize everything in to fit in one place. I'm very fortunate to have a large walk in closet but this look can be recreated on any wall.  When putting this space together, I wanted something that still had a bit of a design element even though I'm the only one looking at it.  Eventually when I win the lottery, I will completely redo my closet a la Lisa Vanderpump but this will have to do for now.  Like everything in my wardrobe, I've tried to make this very versatile.  This little nook holds not just my jewelry but my undergarments, some handbags, jewelry cleaner, socks, etc.

First let's talk jewelry...the main piece of my organization came from this awesome Etsy shop - fairlywell.  She creates these beautiful wooden jewelry holders that not only keeps your jewelry organized but also showcases it in a really cool way.  She offers two options one wood piece has hooks for bracelets and necklaces and the other has a solid bar solution for your dangle earrings.  They go on the wall super easy with 3M command Velcro strips.  You definitely don't want to put too many necklaces on at one time to make it too heavy because the Velcro will pull off so I've distributed them over three rows.  Since I got these a few years ago, she's expanded to offer white, blush, gray, natural and dark brown stain options along with brass and silver hook/bar finishes.  And the best news of all is she is giving Christina's Favorite Things readers 15% off through the end of September with code Christina15.  Definitely check it out.  

Now moving away from the wall to what's freestanding...the rest of my jewelry is resting on this great Room Essentials cubbie organizer from Target.  In the cubbie itself I utilized four of the sections as pull out drawers thanks to the coordinating fabric storage bins.  In those bins I have my unmentionables (every day and athletic) and socks.  The two open slots store my jewelry steam cleaner and my clutch type handbags like this one, this one and this one.

On the top I've got two additional ways to keep my jewelry organized...first is this dual bracelet holder.  While I love it...the opening is a bit wide for some of my bracelets so I'm looking to change it up to something like this or this.  And the Missoni looking tray is actually from Target's Missoni line from year's ago but I found something similar here.  This space is where I put my other jewelry that has pouches for storage, watches and rings.  

I want to hear from do you organize your jewelry??

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AnnaBeL said...

This looks great! So organized and visible. The only thing I would need more of is necklace space since I do not have as many bracelets.


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