Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Favorite Thing #14 - UGGs

It's going to be a double post day since I didn't post the past two days due to being out of town and sick.

I think with this favorite thing either you LOVE them or HATE them - UGGs!!!

I personally LOVE them and own THREE pairs!!!! These are by far, the most COMFORTABLE shoe and go with so many different looks. So may call them ugly but I personally think they are super cute. Like I said I have three different pairs

And unfortunately the chocolate browns ones I have are no longer available. The best way to describe this pair is like the classic tall but very fitted along the leg with a zipper all the way up.

I am not done with my UGG collection. My next pair are going to be a pair of the crochet ones. Both my friend Chandra and my sister-in-law Aimee have a pair and I think these will be the next pair in my collection. I am debating between two different styles and not really sure about color either. I could go with either:

Classic Cardy

I love the detail on the Classic Cardy and they would be really cute if I wore them over jeans (which Aimee does and it looks so cute). Help me make my decision, let me know your thoughts!!!

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