Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Favorite Thing #15 - Tupperware's FridgeSmart Containers

So this in another installment of my Favorite Tupperware pieces! Favorite Thing #15 are Tupperware's FridgeSmart Containers. These are probably one of the best inventions ever in terms of kitchen things. According to Tupperware the way the FridgeSmart works is there is an

"innovative venting system that extends the life of fruits and vegetables"

The best way to describe it are there a set of vents which you open or close depending upon what fruit or vegetbale you have in the container. Now I will be completely honest I was very skeptical when I first heard about this at Tupperware Party #1 because I really thought it was just a selling gimic. I actually ended up winning one of the pieces during a game so it gave me an opportunity to try it for free.

I won the "medium long" container so I decided I would try it with celery (which I feel never stays fresh). It's just a little short for a full stock of celery so I had to cut off some of the ends to make it fit. According to the vent guide you are supposed to keep both vents closed. I followed the directions and put the celery in and waited to see what would happen. I used the celery over the course of two weeks and each time it was still just as fresh as when I bought it. After that test I was hooked so at Tupperware Party #2 I bought the rest of them. The entire collection consists of:
  • Small - 4 1/2 cup (square shape) - $12.00
  • Medium Long - 8 1/2 cup (rectangle shape) - $19.50
  • Large - 19 3/4 cup (rectangle shape) - $26.00
  • Large Round - 20 cup - $20.00

For those of you interested I have Tuppeware Party #3 coming up at the end of this month so if you are in need of anything or want to try a piece or two let me know.

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