Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Favorite Thing #21 - Hot Air Brush Curling Iron

Over Christmas I decided to try a styling product that my sister-in-law April uses on her hair to give it amazing body. I loved it so much after just one use that I went out and bought one the next day!! This product is favorite thing #20 - Hot Tools' Hot Air Brush Curling Iron.
This tool made my hair look as though I had just come from the salon!!! Essentially this tool is like a round brush with a blow dryer attached to it. If you are like me, uncoordinated and can't blow dry your hair while using a round brush, then this is the PERFECT tool for you.
My hair is really thick so I have to actually use a regular blow dryer my hair first to get at least 90% of the mositure out and then I seperate my hair into sections and use the hot air brush through it. This may sound very "hair commercial cheesy" but it gives my hair bounce, body and a slight curl at the ends. I highly recommend this product for all hair types.
I bought mine in at a Sally Beauty Supply Store for around $30. They are also available on Amazon for about the same cost.

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