Monday, February 11, 2008

Guest Favorite Thing - Reynolds' Cleverware

Today's guest post is from my cousin-in-law (my husband's cousin's wife) Keri.

An alternative to Christina's post on Tupperware's Rock 'N Serve is one of my favorite things - Reynolds' Cleverware. These containers are very similar to the Tupperware containers because they have a microwave vent too. They are shatterproof, stainproof (spaghetti sauce comes right out!) and microwaveable and dishwasher safe. My husband and I bought ours at Target. We have:

2 – square 1.2 pt.
1 – square 1.5 qt.
1 – square 2.4 qt.
2 – rectangular 1.2 qt.
1 – square 1.1 qt.
1 – square 1.7 qt.

For the 16 pieces (including lids) was roughly about $20.They also sell it in a round set which they didnt have at the time but I might have to purchase. We use them to store leftovers mostly and its nice because the smaller squares are good for bringing lunch in.

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