Thursday, February 14, 2008

Favorite Thing #23 - My Husband!!!

When I first started this blog I got a lot of comments as to why my husband wasn't one of my favorite things so I thought today (Valentine's Day) was very fitting to have Favorite Thing #23 be my husband! For those readers that don't know Mikey and I here's our quick story:

We met almost three years ago (thanks Teha) at a party at his house. I actually went to this party to be set up with one of the other guys that lived there but as soon as I saw Mikey realized there was definite chemistry between the two of us. Nothing happened that night between Mikey and I - no future plans made, no exchange of numbers or email address. :(

this picture was taken that night

I saw him again a couple weeks later at another party and my good friend Teha (thanks again) did some under cover work to make sure that Mikey was available. Turns out he was single so I decided to make the first move. I gave him my email address and sure enough that night got an email from him. We emailed for a couple more weeks and made plans to meet up at wouldn't you know it - Teha's birthday party. And from that night on we were in seperable! Five months later we moved in together and then two short months after that we were engaged!

We tied the knot this past year - April 21, 2007 - and it was the most amazing day of my life. Below are a few pictures from that wonderful day:

the rings

so in love!!!

the bridal party

the cutest flower girls!

this all happened because of Teha!!!

our first dance


Teha said...

Awwww! I am so thrilled that I brought together the wonderful couple who I call Miketina! Even though Mikey doesn't give me official credit for the set-up, I know it was all because of me. I love you guys!

Tom said...


(Mikey, you should thank sweet baby Jesus every single day that I stopped posting comments on C's blog BEFORE February 14th.)


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